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"J’admire éperdument Schopenhauer et sa théorie de l’amour me semble la seule acceptable. La nature qui veut des êtres, a mis l’appât du sentiment autour du piège de la reproduction. Pardon, ce que j’écris là est inconvenant, mais tant pis. Oh! vous êtes indignée, je sais."

Lettre de Guy de Maupassant à Gisèle d’Estoc: “Oui, je suis faune et je le suis de la tête aux pieds!” | Nicolas Bersihand

"Sea otters are polygynous; stronger males establish territories with high numbers of females and work to exclude other sexually mature males.
These excluded males gather in so-called “male areas”, denied the opportunity for contact with females. It’s a situation that may have been exacerbated by a change in the demographics of Monterey Bay’s sea otters.
For reasons that are still far from clear, overall mortality rate in the otter population is increasing, and disproportionately affecting females. As a consequence, an even greater number of mature males are denied mating opportunities, possibly causing sexual encounters to be more aggressive when they do occur.
And those males that remain denied an opportunity to mate take out their frustrations on the hapless young harbor seals, an interspecies interaction that has been known to take place, albeit with less dramatic consequences, in other marine mammals."

The Other Side of Otters : Discovery News (via steph)

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Sea otters are awful.

As it turns out, sea otters are some of the biggest sickos of the animal kingdom. […]
When food is in short supply things can get ugly. Some males will hold otter pups hostage until the mother pays a ransom of food to the male.
But they don’t just kidnap babies. Sea otters also rape baby seals to death.
Male otters will find a juvenile harbor seal and mount it, as if he were mating with a female otter. Unfortunately, part of the mating process involves holding the female’s head under water which ultimately kills the seal pups (and over 10% of female otters).
For over an hour and a half, the male otter will hold the seal pup in this position, raping it until it is dead. Sometimes when the seal pup dies, it is just let go and the otter will begin to groom itself.
Some otters, however, will hang on to the dead pup and continue to rape its dead and decaying corpse for up to a week later.
Sea otters aren’t even the scariest otters, believe it or not. In South America 6-foot long river otters still exist. And they hunt in packs.


"Plus l’angoisse menace, plus on s’accroche à nos croyances et à nos mythes avec l’énergie du désespoir. Il y a certes des bénéfices secondaires à ce fantasme d’impuissance: il est déculpabilisant, et il permet de s’abandonner à la dépression larvée qui est le signe du moment. Il justifie les petites compromissions du quotidien et si tout le monde le relaie, il devient la garantie d’un sens: la renonciation à toutes les illusions du passé serait la preuve de notre maturité post-moderne. Elle est surtout la cause de notre immense bêtise."

Ce qui nous interdit de penser | Carlos Tinoco

Fucking tourists! Fingers from the people who live there. A photography project. (via FUCKING TOURIST_ - jolipunk)

Fucking tourists! Fingers from the people who live there. A photography project. (via FUCKING TOURIST_ - jolipunk)


How a wrong opinon on stress can increase death risk, and how caring increases physical resilience.
“Go after what makes meaning in your life, and then believe yourself to be able to manage the stress that will follow.”
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The state of flow, a kind of ecstasy. Why you have to do what you love (and know how) to do. (via Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Flow, the secret to happiness | Talk Video |


This is *brilliant*. A tale about parasites, manipulation, human behavior, freedom to think, points of view… Delivered with inspiring and humorous storytelling.
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Choquantes, ces réactions humaines. (via Baisse les yeux. Tais-toi. Ravale ta colère et déglutis tes larmes.)